You’re So Vain

You’re So Vain


winter is coming… and there will be cooking!

winter is coming… and there will be cooking!

Rochelle Karina

Somewhere in the early second season, a friend got me hooked on Game of Thrones. I dutifully backtracked and watched every episode so I knew the whole story. Then, in a fit of addiction after the season ended, I picked up the books. Yeah, it’s that kind of obsession.

So, fittingly, as the season three opener approaches, we’ve planned a Game of Thrones viewing party. Because we’re just a little bit geeky like that.

Being the obnoxious food-centric person I am, I couldn’t let the opportunity for a fabulous themed menu pass me by. The two most common options seem to be creating a menu with “inspiration” from the show (which results in things like a spicy tomato and cucumber salad being called “Salad of Fire and Ice”), or attempting to actually recreate some of the dishes described in the books, ala Inn at the Crossroads. I took a…

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What’d he say? Adaptive technology for the movies…

What’d he say? Adaptive technology for the movies…

Rochelle Karina

A little over a year ago, I was officially diagnosed with hearing loss. After much research, and a lot of talks with various specialists, I’ve come to accept that at this point in time, hearing aids are not really the right choice for me. Long story, short version: they’re expensive, not covered by insurance, ugly, and generally not likely to correct my type of loss to an acceptable level.

In other words, lots of negatives, for minimal return. Ummm… no thanks. So, what are my other options here?

Adaptive technology to the rescue, it seems. Take movies for example…

At home, if I want to understand all the dialog in the movie, I simply drive everyone else in the room nuts by turning on the captions… that is, if the movie has them.

Going to the movies is a totally different story. Even though the volume level in most…

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