Exhibits Overview

Online Exhibits

The Computer History Museum offers many online exhibits on a variety of topics related to the history of computing. Some online exhibits like Visible Storage and Mastering the Game complement physical exhibits you can also experience when you visit the Museum in person. Other online exhibits are available only through the Internet and extend the reach of the Museum to virtual visitors around the world.. Online Exhibits Revolution Revolution The Story of How Computers Came to Be The Babbage Engine The Babbage Engine The Story of the First Computer Pioneer The Silicon Engine The Silicon Engine A Timeline of Semiconductors in Computing History Visible Storage Visible Storage Highlights from the Computer History Museum’s Collection Computer History Timeline Computer History Timeline Significant Milestones 1939 – 1994 PDP-1 Restoration PDP-1 Restoration The History and Restoration of a Groundbreaking Computer Mastering the Game Mastering the Game A History of Computer Chess Selling the Computer Revolution Selling the Computer Computer Marketing Brochures in the Collection Microprocessors Microprocessors The First 25 Years of the Microprocessor 1971 – 1996 Internet History Internet History Major Milestones 1962 – 1992 Hall of Fellows Hall of Fellows Industry Leaders of the Information Age This Day in History This Day in History What Happened in Computing History Today


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